Crab Cakes
Hello, Just want you to know that your Crab Cakes were the best we have ever had ! We purchased them at the Market Basket stores in Chelmsford and Westford. My wife, Mariko, served them with Baked Macaroni and Tartar Sauce; and the meal was talkabout delicious ! I’m sure we’ll try your other products; so, keep up the good work ! Sincerely, Mariko & Gus

Ralph M. DeGrandis - Chelmsford

Where to purchase your products
I recently purchased your Lobster Rangoons. They were wonderful. But, I can’t remember what store I purchased them at and I’m sure it was not at the store where I usually do all of my shopping. Please let me know what stores in my area carry your products. My zip code is 53118. Thank you

Sandra Ebben - Dousman, WI

Your crab cakes
I was buying these this summer in Vt. They are VERY good. Would like to know if you have any distributors in the Palm Beach, Fl area (I live in Stuart, Florida). Also, can individuals order and have them shipped to their homes? Could I have some shipped as Christmas gifts? Or, where on Long Island, NY can they be found? I have family there. thank you. Georgia

Georgia Olsen - Stuart, FL