Like their fiercely independent forbearers the Pilgrims, New Englanders are tough to please.

But try just one of Yankee Trader Seafood’s crab cakes or fish cakes, and your taste buds will instantly tell you why New Englanders prefer them.

The classic home cooked flavor, fresh ingredients, and special mix of spices have made Yankee Trader Seafood a trusted name in New England kitchens, with a loyal following from Manhattan to Maine.

Family-Run For Quality

Many of the same folks who started with Yankee Trader Seafood still prepare their Maryland style crab cakes, fish cakes and lobster spread. Their experience and devotion to home-cooked quality explain why Yankee Trader Seafood products continue to generate such a big following.

All employees are trained and certified in HACCP, and all products are prepared with only the freshest ingredients so they meet Quality Control’s strict standards. The popularity of Yankee Trader Seafood products has grown by word of mouth, and our commitment to quality and flavor explains why!